Clean Hands

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Clean Hands save Lives Anna Tutunzhiu 6/5/16 Grant Canyon University Concepts in Community and Public Health NRS – 427V Clean Hands Save Lives Clean hands play a major role in disease prevention and health maintenance. Researchers in London estimated that if everyone religiously practices washing their hands, one million of deaths can be prevented every year (CDC, 2013). Washing our hands appropriately before handling food helps to prevent food borne disease outbreaks and illnesses. History states that hand washing for the first time was introduced by Hungarian obstetrician Ignaz P. Semmelweiss in 1847. He demonstrated…show more content…
The audience was made up of 18 young children, ages five to ten, and the topic was the importance of proper hand hygiene in order to prevent infection. The groups were dived in two and the session lasted about 30 minutes for every group. The total cost of the teaching was $69.00. A Glitter Bug Hand wash station with UV light and fluorescent lotion was borrowed. The presentation was supported with pamphlets, hand sanitizer and the Glitter Bug Hand wash station with UV light and fluorescent lotion, orange color and by the teacher explaining and demonstrating proper hand washing step-by-step. The pamphlet contained simple words and was easy to read, appropriate for the age group, and also had lots of colorful pictures that catch your eye and was appropriate for the age group. Glitter Bug, a hand washing education system was used to make hand washing interesting and fun. UV light and fluorescent lotion was very beneficial to demonstrate how well hands were washed and how germs can travel. Glitter bag is “sure to cure any doubt about the necessity of washing your hands” (Spangler, n.d. p.1). It brings the idea of hand washing to a whole new level by exactly showing the areas where the hands weren’t thoroughly washed (Spangler, n.d.). Children could not believe their eyes to see how many areas on their hand they actually didn’t wash properly. The nursing diagnosis demonstrates that lack of knowledge
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