Clean Queen Case

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Market Orientation & The Clean Queen Situation The case opens with an 8:15 AM meeting among several key people at the Danbury, Illinois plant of the Floor Care Products Group of Atlas Industries Worldwide. The group consisted of the following persons: • • • • Dave Matters: Chief Design Engineer (CDE) Jack Davis: General Manager, Danbury Plant (GM) Molly Hudson: Product Manager, Clean Queen Floor Care Products (PM) Bart Simpson: National Sales Manager, Floor Care Products (NSM) Jack (GM) Thanks for coming down today, Pete, Molly... Let me introduce you to Dave Matters, our new Chief Design Engineer. He 's joined us from Hoover where he has had 14 years experience in product design and 5 years as product manager. I 've asked Bart…show more content…
We 're higher than many of the "majors", but we still are cheaper than the "niche" products like the Rainbow. We have a quality product; we need to keep our quality high. The trouble is, the customer just doesn 't know it. Salespeople on the retail floor are not knowledgeable enough to sell our quality products. We need to communicate our story to the customer. I 'd like to have enough of an advertising budget to get our story out for once. Telling our story won 't be easy. I 've got two proposals, one for $1.5 million which should achieve the reach and frequency needed for re-establishing our quality image. The other is a "bare-bones" program that will sacrifice national coverage to make sure that sufficient frequency is obtained in the top markets. If the results are as good as I think they will be, we should have little trouble getting the rest of the budget next year. Bart (NSM) You know how I feel about that, Molly. I 'd love to have you back our sales effort with some real advertising for a change. That, plus more realistic pricing, would really get our units shipped in the ball park. But how are you ever going to get those millions for advertising, especially given the losses from last year? I can just see Henry [CEO at Atlas Worldwide] now. "Sure, I 'll approve the ad campaign. Just show me some proof that your campaign will add $15 million in sales." Jack (GM) Dave, we 've done all the talking. Any questions? Dave (CDE) Not right now. I do
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