Clean Sweep Analysis

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In the story Clean Sweep the narrator learns about the importance of special objects in people’s life. The narrator of the story is Katie, a teenage girl who is going through school and lost her father to a heart attack. Katie later finds her dad’s old essays and photos which serve as a therapeutic method of getting over the pain of the loss. Katie and her family has had to start a cleaning service to keep the family from going into debt, and one day Katie has to work at a customer named Mrs. Leonardo, who need attic cleaning help. In the attic they find a white tablecloth which was only used once, as it was for special occasions, as well as a children’s book which was of great importance to Mrs. Leonardo and her sister, and reminds Katie of her children’s book that she has fond memories of. These objects all are special…show more content…
Leonardo has some very special objects that hold high amounts of value to her, and for one of them, to her sister as well. Mrs. Leonardo has a white linen tablecloth that was only used on special occasions, but she only got to use it once, on her 20th anniversary with her husband. At the time Mrs. Leonardo says,”... just who do you think I’ll invite to dinner…” But we later find out she finds a use for it in the not too distant future. Mrs. Leonardo’s other special object is her book, and when she finds it, “She’s holding something in her hands, not moving. I look at her stiff face and for a moment in the weird light of the attic, she looks like she’s going to cry.” This book reminds Mrs. Leonardo of the good old days when she used to hang out with her sister as their mom read them a bedtime story. The finding of this book also allows Mrs. Leonardo to call up her sister who lives in Vermont since she was supposed to have this book, but Mrs. Leonardo had it all along. When Mrs. Leonardo’s sister is on her way, Mrs. Leonardo calls to the attic and asks for Katie to bring down the white table cloth while Mrs. Leonardo is cooking
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