Clean Up Mumbai Campaign

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Greater Mumbai Cleanliness And Sanitation Byelaws 2006 Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai Solid Waste Management Department Helping make CLEAN Mumbai Clean-Up Mumbai Campaign An MCGM Initiative Mumbai Facts • Every public space is splattered with paan stains and there is litter on the streets besides the odd pile of debris and garbage. • Mumbai Produces 6500 tons of Garbage per day. • Also produces nearly 2500 tons of construction and demolition (C&D) waste per day. • Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) allots 10% of its annual budget for Solid Waste Management i.e. Rs.1200 crore. The Bye-laws 2006 • Byelaws, 2006: have a provision to fine citizens who engage in spitting, littering and other nuisances in public…show more content…
This also entails efforts to facilitate interaction between the citizens’ groups / NGOs, the Security Agencies and the Clean-Up Marshals as well as ward officials of MCGM. UNITED WAY Mumbai's Role In The Campaign College Students Building the bridges and cementing the same Advanced Locality Management groups CORPORATE UNITED WAY UN ITE D WA Y Municipal Ward Offices D ITE UN Y WA D ITE UN Y CLEAN UP WA MUMBAI UN ITE MCGM D WA Security Y Agency/ UNITED WAY Citizens group Clean UP Marshals Auditor’s Role • To Facilitate the audit of the campaign at the ward level by mobilizing local Advanced Locality Managements/ Citizens’ Groups and the NGOs. • To facilitate interaction between the citizens’ groups /NGOs, the Security Agencies and the ward officials of MCGM. • To work towards assessing the need for infrastructure in the city and facilitate provision of the same with the support of Municipal Corporation and some corporate partners. Auditor’s Role Indicators for Audit: • Actual number of Clean-Up Marshals deployed in the ward. • Total amount of time that these clean-up marshals are patrolling in the ward. • Reduction of chronic spots in your ward. • Observation of these spots if they are eliminated gradually as a result of actions taken by
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