Clean Water Scarcity And Its Policy And Conservation Measures

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CLEAN WATER SCARCITY AND ITS POLICY AND CONSERVATION MEASURES Introduction: The use and management of natural resources has tremendous impacts on lives and the prosperity of a nation. Most of a country’s income is derived from the sustainable and careful use of its natural resources. Livelihoods also depend on these resources and thus there should be increasing concern and sustained pressure to use them sparingly considering future lives. Conservation of resources including land, water, forests, wildlife and other beneficial resources play a key role in enhancing a the economy of a country (Chopra & Biennial conference. Indian Society for Ecological Economics, 2003). Clean water availability has come under deeper scrutiny because of the…show more content…
It is further estimated this situation would become worse in the future with the increasing population growth rate (Chopra & Biennial conference. Indian Society for Ecological Economics, 2003). . In other developed economies including that of China, water scarcity has still been a constant threat and has necessitated a lot of policy reviews by its governments. China as a country contains less than 7% of the world’s arable land and this it uses to feed its huge population of 1.3 billion people. Increasing scarcity of scarcity has been one of the most pressing issues facing the Chinese government given its burgeoning industry and the huge population it has. With the increasing population and rapid growth in its economy, there has been an increase in water availability. As China continues along its industrialization and urbanization path, more of its available waters are rendered useless for drinking, irrigation, and hydro-power purposes (Adler, Landman & Cameron, 1993). Other particularly developed nations haven’t been spared either from this menace. The existence of dirty water has been the world 's biggest health risk, and has continued to threaten the quality of life and the general public health in countries like the United States of America. Water from rainfalls running on rooftops into roads and finally into rivers picks a lot of dirt and toxic materials, getting it contaminated. The water sources have become even more vulnerable to
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