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JANUARY 8, 2014

Claire Beaton watched her colleagues tidy their desks and shut down their computers as, one by one, they departed for the weekend. It was Friday afternoon, September 21, 2012, but Beaton, brand manager for CleanSpritz all-purpose cleaning spray, knew that this would not be a weekend of rest and relaxation. On Monday morning, Beaton was to lead a marketing strategy session with Steve
Logan, senior vice president of strategy for MJ Brenner’s household cleaning division, and selected members of Logan’s advisory team. Convinced that a concentrated version of the historically popular
CleanSpritz cleaner was the best way to slow its continuing
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Beaton stared at the whiteboard in her office, which outlined four distinct paths the concentrate’s future could take, as shown in Table 1. Making the right recommendation at Monday’s meeting would be critical for CleanSpritz, as well as her own future with MJ Brenner.
Table 1 CleanSpritz Concentrate Strategic Options
Option 1
Concentrate Re-launch
Re-launch existing 3:1 concentrate with heavy promotion focused on environmental benefits

Option 2A
Refill Pouch
Add to product line a stronger, 4:1 concentrate in a lightweight, recyclable pouch for 32 oz. bottle refill

Option 2B
Refill Dissolvable Packet
Add to product line a stronger, 4:1 concentrate in an innovative dissolvable packet for 32 oz. bottle refill

Base Case/
Status Quo
Make no changes in short term. Consider relaunching with 99% biodegradable spray (2 years) or cartridge system
(12 months)

MJ Brenner
MJ Brenner: Company Background
MJ Brenner was founded in 1925 in Toledo, Ohio, by Michael John Brenner. Originally a paint manufacturer, the company expanded beyond paints to include products for paint preparation and clean-up. In 1950, the company developed products for both industrial and household cleaners. By
1975, the company was producing two industry-leading products: (1) WinWipe, a household window cleaner, and (2) Floormax, an industrial floor cleaner. The 1980s marked a period of continued growth in the

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