Cleaning Company-Discrimination Case Study Essay

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Assignment #1 (10 marks) Case 3: Running Case: Carter Cleaning Company –Discrimination? Human Resources Management HRMT 301-103 Submitted To: Dr. Hasan Submitted By: Sarah Hallett, 300515800 Hints: The above cases are all related to the contents in Chapters 1 and 2 of the textbook. You should also refer to the relevant websites to get required information to support your answers Requirements and Marking Criteria: 1. For the case you choose to analyze, answer each question in essay form. 2. Apply your HRM knowledge and the relevant HRM principles, where applicable, to analyze and evaluate the facts and business practices in the case. Use your analytical skills to analyze the root causes of the existing…show more content…
Jennifer has to address all of these issues immediately, or her and Carter Cleaning Company could have a lot of legal charges on their hands. b.) How should she and her father address the charges of sexual harassment? If the manager is guilty, what should they do? Ontario Human Rights Code: 7.2 - Every person who is an employee has a right to freedom from harassment in the workplace because of sex by his or her employer or agent of the employer or by another employee * Conduct an investigation immediately after a complaint, * Take statements * Respect the privacy of both individuals, * Avoid revealing confidential details to outside parties. * Verify statements, compare with evidence and other information gathered during investigation. * Comply with company policies, punish harasser according to policy. c.) Does the 63 year old have a complaint for which he can file a charge? Under which legislation? How should this pay issue be addressed? Yes, under the Ontario Ministry of Labour it says equal pay for equal work. The Employment Standards Act, 2000 (ESA), on the other hand, has provisions that ensure women and men receive equal pay for performing substantially the same job. That is, they are entitled to receive equal pay for "equal work", meaning work that is substantially the same, requiring the same skill, effort and responsibility and

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