Cleaning For Rich Products As A Transportation Intern

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Over the last 6 months I have been interning for Rich Products as a Transportation Intern. A little history of Rich’s is that it was founded in 1945 by Robert E. Rich with Rich’s Whipped Icing. The company is 100% family owned and is the largest privately owned frozen food company in the U.S. with about $3.7 billion in annual sales. Over the years they have grown and added many international locations. Interning at a company this large has been a great experience. I found the internship by searching on websites such as Indeed and saw that they were looking for candidates that are enrolled in a supply chain major. I right away applied for this seeing as it was in transportation. I was highly interested in transportation as I was enrolled in a class taught at Niagara called Transportation Systems. I was able to differentiate myself from other job candidates by explaining simulations we used in the class along with other transportation knowledge taught in supply chain/logistics MGT321 course. This position was in their Customer Service and Logistics department which consisted of a variety of different positions in their supply chain. My first day I was given a tour of the building along with meeting everyone on the CS&L team. I was assigned a cubical along with all of the electronic devices and passwords. It was overwhelming to me since I have never worked in an office setting this large. The people that I worked with wherein different positions such has warehousing,

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