Cleaning Procedures

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Morning Shift : * Check on male and female bathrooms, make sure they are clean, if not report to housekeeping immediately. * Polish all the leftover cutleries and glasses from last night. * Check the back area especially room service area, make sure they are clean and tidy ( no dirty glasses, no leftover drinks, etc ) * Also, make sure the room service trolley linens are clean otherwise change them. * Make sure the sugar bowls are stocked in each table. * Clean the register station areas both cafe and room service stations. * Clean the display fridge; make sure the linen under the cookies bowls is clean and tidy. * Make sure the register next to the bathroom is
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* If you need to put some of your stock like the grace water inside the dungeon, put them nicely and tidy. * Do not forget to always have salt and pepper available in numbers, fill them up if they are starting to run out. * Follow the rule of “ Clean as you go”


* Clean as you go!!! Especially when it is not that busy.... * Some important things need to be done before you go home : 1. Switch off the sign outside 2. Help turn off the escalator 3. Make sure every single table inside and outside are wiped and cleaned and tidy. 4. Bar fridge cleaned and tidy 5. Lift cleaned and wiped especially after busy shift 6. Clean your station properly, the cocktail station, wine station and register 7. Do not ever leave any rubbish in the washing basin 8. All the electricity must be off before you go except the bar fridge. 9. All the liquor spirits on the liquor running bench need to be taken inside and covered up, the lid need to be washed every night. 10. Lock the main door * Clean the liquor shelf at least twice a week, make sure they are not sticky. * Do not ever leave any empty bottles or dirty glasses on the table and leave them for tomorrow. * Always check the product expiry date especially for juices and some fresh fruits. Do not ever make any drinks from un fresh products! * Dishwasher

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