Cleaning Services Case Study

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I thought it was a good idea to have Ms. Orbach prep the living for the Cleaning Services. She has a lot of bins with toys, shoes clothes, and other fabrics. There is a smell lingering for some of the bins where the cats used the bathroom. I had her start in the front of the living room where the flyers are mostly at, the shoe bins. I had her divide the shoes in to a three piles, Keep, May Keep and Donate. Ms. Orbach did not want to throw any of the shoes.
The keep pile was for the shoe the children can still fit, use for school and to play outside in. Some of the shoes where passed down from a child who could no longer fit in them to a child who could.
This proved to be difficult because all of the children wanted to keep their old shoes.
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Orbach, we can sort through everything a lot faster if I came when the children are not home. She was slowed downed be having to explain why she was sorting out the shoe bin, where the unwanted shoes are going and arguing over shoes that no longer fit. Ms. Orbach was consistent the rule of task all the way through. No matter what every child got the same response and no special treatment, but she was able to do it. I gave Ms. Orbach a deadline to donating the bag of shoes. I told Ms. Orbach she had one week to take the bag to the Goodwill in Journal Square or to any local clothing and shoes bins normal found by a t grocery…show more content…
Before we started to go through these items Ms. Orbach told me at everything in the was clean and placed in bags. I asked her to humor me and to go through each tote. The first totes had cat poop in it and I could smell the cat urine. She place would she could save in the laundry. There was also a bag on the floor that she had been putting off taking to the laundry or thrown away. Today I asked her to make a decision. I asked her when did she plan on taking the bag of clothes that the cats had peed in to the laundromat. She said as soon as possible and then remind her that when, I asked about this bag a week or so ago, she told me the same thing. She has been to the laundromat a couple times since than. I told her when something is very important to you , you make time for it. I asked her again what day did she plan to taking the bag to the laundromat. She told me it was want to do with the bag of her husband's clothes, she placed it into a second bag and take it outside to the trash can. Ms. Orbach was correct a lot of were in bags and the kitten had not gotten them. We restacked everything in the corner so if was neat and secure.
While we were cleaning out the corner Ms. Orbach found a box of used easter items. She wanted to keep them. I asked if she had some to keep them and to reminder them when comes back around. Logan took it upon himself to go thought the Easter box and to open some of the toys and
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