Cleanliness And Its Effects On Society

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The terms ‘dirt’ and ‘bacteria’ bring a nauseating thought to one’s cognizance. People associate them to be filthy, deadly entities and feel that being clean, both internally and externally, is a great necessity in the development of life. Humans are mindful when it comes to keeping themselves clean by taking showers, clipping nails, preventing themselves from atrocious body odor scent by washing and spraying perfume, etc… but that is fairly common. Contrarily to attaining the maximum level of cleanliness, it has been noted that the more cleanliness human bodies attain, the less immune human bodies will become to fight against inimical bacteria. Anything of some sort has the potential to be good; nevertheless, anything pushed to the limit could be harmful. Needless to say, cleanliness is a necessity in human lives, once pushed to the extreme, it begins to cause a consequentially, dramatic downfall in health. People are born with natural defenses to combat a number of infections and illnesses. By striping that away with the cleanliness addiction society has formed in an attempt to accomplish supreme cleanliness, individuals are only opening the doors for more viruses and bacteria to get in and destruct the human figure. The types of sciences covering this issue include immunology, epidemiology and dermitology. For many years, immunologists, epidemiologists and dermatologists have debated whether exposure to enough bacteria helps develop immune systems in the proper manner to
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