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Greener is Cleaner Gregory J. Goba Integrated Perspectives on Business Saint Leo University March 27, 2016 Dr. Blanch CleanSpritz, a subsidiary of MJ Brenner is a manufacturer of cleaning supplies whose target market is threefold. The three industries are as follows: industrial products, home cleaning products, and auto cleaning products. Stateside revenue for their product line reached $53.76 million in 2011. However, since 2008, annual sales have been on the decline by an average of 7.5% annually (Gold, 2015). As a result of their declining sales, MJ Brenner VP of strategy gave CleanSpritz’ marketing team, led by Claire Beaton, six months to devise a plan to revive their sales strategy. Next, we will review a SWOT analysis of…show more content…
This was followed in 1996 by three-dimensional labels (Lin, 2013). Opportunities The most distinct possibility that CleanSpritz has is to branch into the commercial cleaning industry. Only 31.5% of MJ Brenner’s overall U.S. sales derive from the sale of household cleaning products (which is where CleanSpritz’ current market is). 40% of its (MJ’s) sales come from industrial cleaning products. Not only could CleanSpritz claim some of that, but their market research showed that there was considerable interest from businesses to purchase their 3:1 concentrated formula. After six months of intense market research and analysis, CleanSpritz has several opportunities to diversify its brand. There are two varieties of a 4:1 concentrate that would add to an already expanding product line. The first is composed of a 6.4-ounce recyclable pouch while the second consists of a 6.4 ounce water-soluble packet. Both 4:1 concentrate formulas are designed for use in CleanSpritz' 32-ounce spray bottle. Another option, albeit not quite as impressive is to maintain the status quo until their R&D team finishes the design of the 99% biodegradable spray (which could take up to two years) or the cartridge system which is expected to be available in less than 12 months. Threats As with many industries, the government is reaching out and imposing restrictions on the all-purpose cleaner industry. The U.S. government has become more stringent on labeling standards, especially when it comes

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