Clear Creek Isd: A Short Story

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The town I grew up in was divided, Friendswood ISD against Clear Creek ISD. You could say I lived on the wrong side of the creek--or at least as wrong as upper-middle class, white suburbia can be. Because of where I lived, kids from FISD dominated the church close to me. At this church, as a student in CCISD, I was the minority. Friendswood kids believed we were all poor, stupid, drug addicts, and worse. I struggled fitting in at my own school; fitting in at this church was even harder. One day in Sunday school, we were all in groups working on a team building activity constructing towers out of toothpicks and marshmallows. Regina, the self-appointed leader of our group, was building the tower very tall and narrow. Having a basic understanding of balance and gravity, I suggested we make the base wider so the tower would not topple over.…show more content…
As the tower grew, gravity took its course and the tower toppled over. Frustrated, Regina picked up a marshmallow and chunked it at my face, hitting me in the eye. Embarrassed and overwhelmed, all I could do was cry. After this experience, I knew I did not want to spend the next six ears with the church like this. Instead, I got involved in the youth group and worked hard to build the bond between the two schools. I am so glad I did not settle for the bad situation the youth were in and instead used my experience with bullying to create something better for me and future generations at that
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