Clear Explainations of Visual Graphical Data in The Visual Display of Quantitative Information by Edward Tufte

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There are so many books written by well-known professors and writers that are filled with information about many things we do not know. I choose to read “The Visual Display of Quantitative Information” by Edward Tufte because I found it really interesting. The first factor that makes me want to read this book was the history behind writing this book. The writer stated in introduction part that the primary focus of the book was to teach statistics of few journalists who were interested in learning Economic concepts in the year of 1975 A.D which gave me a general idea that the book was written for novices, which means that the information provided will be clear, understandable and it will contain a lots of examples to make it clear. Being a finance major, I had and will have situations where I have to use visual display of data many times, but I never got to go back and check the history how they were originated, how the use of them transformed during the era of time and how the development of the visual display has impacted in the modern business world. This book provided me a chance, which no other books I have read, to see the significance of visual data, which was mostly introduced and developed from 1750-1800.
The book was also really helpful in clarifying the terms and applications we studied in the classroom. Since I took a 8-week class, we could only cover so much and this book helped me to know how the data are just not some numbers, they represent the part of a
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