Clearview Muck Case Summary

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The Clearview Township is a suburban community of 25,000 individuals. Bill Harper, the newly appointed manager of the Clearview Township. Mr. Harper had made some very fruitful recommendations: The financing of all future capital improvements in cash during the fiscal year in which the work would be done, would be considered a great idea considering the state of the community’s finances. One thing that may hinder this plan would depend on the form in which the community accepts the increase in taxes. This would and could also result negatively with the community during the next upcoming election. Individuals in a community would not vote for an individual that has raised their taxes and not increases services offered in the community. The idea of relying on short-term and long-term debt, is ideally an amazing ideal, but this would lead to the Clearview Township could implement a new stornwater fee. The system that should be used to incorporate short- or long-term debt into overall funding for the capital improvement program is a new Stormwater fee. A new…show more content…
An example of this would be to finance the overlay of some current despaired streets with short-term debt loans. The average street overlay will last thirty (30) years, if a street is financed with short-term loans this would mean that the loan is paid off long before the street will need to be repaired again. Another option that would generate funds would be to implement a new Environmental Fee. This fee would generate as much as $18,500 per year at its lowest charge and as much as $74,000 per year at its highest rate. These funds could be used to sponsor projects that would replace the cash and Short-term debt loans. The advantages and disadvantages of this option that was overlooked was that Mr. Harper could have had additional fund to fund the general budget and other projects that he had cut funding
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