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In the locker room there is a tiger name Daniel that is ready for conditioning. He is very nervous for the running and hard exercising that he is going get. The nervous tiger is sitting at the bench in the locker room getting ready. The cleats that he wore is brand new and is soon to be dirty over on the soccer field. The cleats are shiny blue color. The cleats is shinier than any other cleat pairs of cleats. It will soon be not shiny anymore. So the tiger Daniel is set to go to practice and he streching so he could be fully ready. So the teenaged tiger is at the feeling a bit confident. The wind is blowing nicely. The sun is high at the sky being bright as usual. The field is getting to the point that…show more content…
The chancellor soccer coach is staring at everyone that is on the soccer field getting ready to warm up. We always do a five vs two. It is five players passing the ball and not letting the two defenders get it. After we are done with that we go ahead and start doing dynamic stretching which is when we do something back and forth and after you do something new. Daniel the tiger is getting tired but the coach kept barking at all the animals to push it to your limits. After we finished the dynamic stretching they separated the junior varsity and varsity into groups and varsity had to do plyos and junior varsity had to get and partner and one had to exercise and the other sit down for 2 minutes. After we are done with that we run over to the hurdles. They make us run ten laps of those. The tiger almost gave up but he kept going.We did passing drills and the little tiger was freshened up after he drank water. He felt confident when he went back to the field. He did his very best to be on the team. He never felt like this in a really long time. The wind is getting a little worse. The coach still made us run when the wind started getting harsh. Daniel starting to get cold but he kept going and still not giving up. After the passing drill we start playing practice
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