Clemenceau's Influence On The French

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Clemenceau helped the French through the trying times of World War I through his quality of being patriotic and showing his vigorous support for his countries well being. First, Clemenceau was highly acquainted with French life and its people. During the War Clemenceau addressed, “Everything for France bleeding in its glory. The hour has come to be French and simply French, with the pride to say that suffices”, said Clemenceau (Cohen 61). The upmost important factor for Clemenceau was nationalistic pride. Clemenceau knew what was best for his country and he proposed that the French step up at this specific time. He was faithful and determined to serve his people. This clearly shows his positive influence on French society during the war. Next, in Clemenceau’s…show more content…
Through Hyndman’s quote, it reflects the perfect qualities of a leader. Following this, Clemenceau fueled the people of France through his positive influence. “Clemenceau, the flame of whose energy has inspired all hearts, whose foresight and faith have put new life into the forces of the Entente and the United States” (Lecomte 266). Clemenceau motivated the hearts of many people around the globe. More importantly he inspired the French. If it wasn’t for Clemenceau the outcome for France in World War I would have been different. He was the driving force behind the scenes allowing the French to prosper. Finally, Clemenceau’s road to triumph during World War I positively influenced France. “Clemenceau would, in later years, be seen simply as the spirit of roaring defiance—Pére la Victoire, “Father Victory” (Lecomte 269). The name says it all, “Father Victory”. Clemenceau had a heavy impact on the citizens and encouraged them to be patriotic just like him. Clemenceau had exerted all his strength in protecting France. After securing France from harm, he could finally breathe and enjoy the free colors of blue, white, and
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