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John Doe
Clemson University
Clemson Connect
September 25, 2009
The article “What it takes to be great,” by Geoffrey Colvin is very well written. Geoffrey Colvin makes valid points to support his opinion on what it takes to be great. I agree with Colvin’s idea that to be great at something it requires hard work. He expands on this by saying it takes “deliberate practice.” What Colvin meant by “deliberate practice,” was that is performing not just to get something done, but to be efficient and push oneself to accomplish more. An example could be playing basketball. If a person shoots one hundred foul shots a day does not mean he or she is deliberately practicing. The best way to get better would be to make sure you made
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As a transfer student the level of classes will most likely not be as challenging as at a Junior College. I can recall from my own experience, this first month and a half at Clemson has been twice as much work as the place I attended last year. Talking with other transfer students, Clemson has been different then the institutions they attended in the past. Colvin has given me some examples that will help me as well as transfer students. At first I was frustrated with all that was going on. I have not seemed to have as much time as last year to go out and have fun. This year I have been studying twice as much to keep up with everything and I feel it is good for me. This article has shown me that anything worth achieving takes hard work. A person cannot just go through life and do nothing and expect greatness from it. As a transfer student I have discovered how important it is to do well in every aspect of life, not just school work. Working hard can lead to something great, but you may not even know what it is until it hits you right in the face. Another main point I can apply to myself as a transfer student is to never give up. I know times will be tough as a college student. It will be the same in the real world. Colvin uses a great example in the article, Michael Jordan. Everyone knows that Michael Jordan is considered the greatest basketball player of all time. Many people do not realize that it did not just happen
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