Cleopatra: The Cunning and Skilled Queen of Egypt

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Cleopatra: was she a cunning and skilled queen to Egypt who made a few small yet fatal mistakes, or was she a conniving ruler whose corrupt actions dragged her and her kingdom down to defeat? Although some current sources suggest she was quite popular with her people, over the years, Cleopatra’s status as a good queen has been questioned and reconsidered countless times. Due to the war she caused between Antony and Octavian, many people today wonder whether Cleopatra can really be considered a great ruler, because the war was what led to Egypt becoming one of the Roman Empire’s provinces. Before Cleopatra became the queen legends would shroud throughout the rest of time, she led a life common to most royal children.…show more content…
It was not long before Julius Caesar arrived in Alexandria in pursuit of his enemy, Pompey, who had fled to Egypt. While there, Caesar became aware of the tension between Cleopatra and Ptolemy. Because Egypt was an ally to Rome, Caesar wanted to keep the Nile Valley stable. It was prosperous because of its agriculture and keeping it safe would, in turn, help Rome’s own economy. Upon hearing of Caesar’s presence in her brother’s land, Cleopatra hatched a plan to get herself into the palace in order to confront Caesar and gain his support against her brother. She was sure she could use her wit to convince Caesar to help her. To carry out her plan, Cleopatra had a good friend of hers dress up as a servant and wrap her in a carpet which he presented to Caesar. When Cleopatra emerged from the rug, she pleaded for Caesar to help her. Because it is theorized that Cleopatra was not significantly beautiful, scholars believe Cleopatra obtained Caesar’s help by showing off her amazing intellect. Even though she was supposedly regarded for her cleverness, Cleopatra identified herself as the reincarnation of the ‘goddesses’ Aphrodite and Isis. This was one of the many signs of her vanity. While Caesar was still in Egypt, one of Ptolemy’s corrupt advisors came up with a plan to get Caesar to return to Rome so there would be a chance to kill Cleopatra. The advisor instructed Ptolemy to lead an army against Caesar to push

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