Cleopatra: The Natural Nemesis of Rome Essay

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Cleopatra: The Natural Nemesis of Rome Abstract Cleopatra is most often remembered as the lover of two Roman consuls, Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, thereby forever connecting the Egyptian queen to the history of Rome. The stories of her relationships with the two men do not always paint a flattering picture of Cleopatra, as her reported promiscuity and presumption give her a colorful reputation. Cleopatra is also sometimes seen as a misunderstood woman, someone who was never given a fair opportunity to be accepted as the wife of Marc Antony nor the mother of Caesar's child. Some historians and authors use the issue of Cleopatra's race as a reason that she was ostracized from Roman society, saying that the Romans were prejudiced…show more content…
If Egypt had been held accountable for the debt, the Romans would have no use for a friendly relationship with Cleopatra simply for the benefit of Egyptian riches. Cleopatra does, at times, appear generous and helpful to the dire monetary situation in Rome, as the ABC film, "Cleopatra", shows the queen giving gold to Marc Antony in order to pay and feed his army. This situation would succeed in supporting Egypt's claim to being needed by Rome, if the movie and many other works did not forget that this gold should have been Rome's from the start. Once Caesar removes her brother Ptolemy, and places Cleopatra on the throne of Egypt, and simultaneously their affair begins, the debt to Rome is never spoken of again. This vindication is a justified reason for the Roman people to feel vengeful toward Cleopatra and Egypt. Had Cleopatra not secured the affections of Caesar, the relationship between the two city-states would have been much different, and Egypt would never have been in a position to benefit from the power of Rome. Cleopatra can also be seen as ambitious to the Roman people, as her main objective in many works is to further the position of Egypt through her relationship with Caesar and Antony. Cleopatra hopes that by having Egypt be a part of whatever plans for expansion she can coerce Caesar and Antony into developing for Rome, her countrymen will gain respect and power for Egypt. The

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