Cleopatra VII : Apacise Of Power And Role Of Individual Leader Or Legend?

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Sae 1: Cleopatra VII – exercise of power and role of individual
Leader or legend? Many historians have asked the same question for centuries on end. Although some information about Cleopatra is based only on myths, certain facts from evidence have been gathered from her reign. This thesis will be examining the different perspectives on the two historical issues of the role Cleopatra played in Egypt and her exercise of power. Focusing on Cleopatra’s rise to power after her father Ptolemy XII passed in 51BC till she passed in 30BCE. This essay will also examine the two varying perspectives of the ancient historian Plutarch and the current historian Sally Ann Ashton. Plutarch of 1st century AD is well known for his writings on renowned characters within Rome and Greece history. Senior assistant keeper at the Fitzwilliam museum, university of Cambridge, Sally Ann Ashton provides her historical perspective on Cleopatra VII. Cleopatra is one of the leading people in history and without her our world would not be the same today.
Cleopatra VII was born in 69BC and later passed in 30BC. Cleopatra was 18 years of age by the time her father died, with one of her younger brother’s only 10 years of age, who would be next in line for the thrown. Over time speculation had arisen claiming Cleopatra’s mother was ultimately Ptolemy XII sister. In 51BC Ptolemy returned to power in Egypt after being vanished earlier on in his reign. Unfortunately Ptolemy passed in the same year he returned to

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