Cleopatra's Last Ptolemaic Ruler

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“She was the one who captured two of the greatest Romans of her day, and completely destroyed herself because of the third.” Cleopatra was born in Alexandria, Egypt in the year of 69 B.C. into the Ptolemaic dynasty. When she stepped up to become ruler alongside her brothers. Together, they controlled the whole eastern Mediterranean Coast. She ruled for twenty two years, and in that time she made enemies and also got many Roman men with her imperial ambitions and motives. At the same time though, the dynasty was quickly diminishing. Although she was the last Ptolemaic ruler, she was one of the Egyptians most influential and remembered rulers. As a ruler, she was mostly described as ruthless, yet intelligent, educated and wise. During her time, she also was lovers with Mark Antony, Julius Caesar and many other men. Her full story…show more content…
Her life was dominated by men,who also defined her life. As an overview of her life, it was described as “A life of disappointments.” One of her main goals, was to just preserve her own personal power. Cleopatra's military could never succeed in beating Rome's military, and Roman senators were Egypts greatest threat. The people that she ruled, always had a fear that she was secretly pro-roman, due to her relations with many Roman men. One of her relationships with a Roman man, Mark Antony, was seen very negatively. Together they were described as “not particularly likeable or successful.” This really showed at the Battle of Actium, when Octavian's forces defeated those of Antony and Cleopatra. Later on, Cleopatra faked her death, which resulted in the death of Mark Antony out of grief. It turned out that Cleopatra never actually killed herself, and even after that whole situation she tried to claim more Roman men, but failed. Soon, herself and two of her most-trusted servants all committed suicide to avoid being captured by
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