Clergy Burnout Essay

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“Over the past twenty years significant interest and research has focused on the issue of clergy burnout and clergy health. A 1991 survey by the Fuller Institute of Church Growth reported that 50% of respondents had considered leaving their ministry vocation during the previous three months. In a 2008 survey of 358 parish-based clergy, 13% reported themselves as burned out, 23% as depressed and 45% rated themselves as high or moderate in emotional exhaustion.” (Jackson-Jordan 2013 Online) Clergy Burnout over the past decades has become more common, and a danger to a pastor’s well-being, however research shows that there are preventative techniques, increased coping mechanisms, and restoration of hope by congregations that can lessen the chances…show more content…
5) “Why Can’t We Ever Go Anywhere On Weekends?” Sometimes it is good to have another ordained minister in your church that you can call upon who really wants to preach and allows you to take the weekend off. 6) “But I Can’t Just Tell That Person He’s Fired” I don’t work in a large church, but there are some people that ministers have to just live with. They cannot fire Board…show more content…
First, develop healthy communication between staff and congregation. Second, move from a contractual relationship to one based on covenant. Third, churches should offer renewal through encouragement of physical health and time off in a sabbatical. Fourth, develop a relationship with a mentor. Fifth, if all else fails consider a change to a different setting. But one must realize that he or she will most likely carry unhealthy behaviors from the old setting to the new setting. But it need not be so. “If done wisely, factors that led to burnout in the original situation can be avoided in the new one. Lessons learned in the original situation can be applied skillfully in the new one.” (Schafer, A.G. & Jacobsen, S. 2009 pp.
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