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1. Clerical
a. Do they have enough to do???
b. Participant’s record
i. Guidelines coming soon on retention and purging of participant files, looking at keeping files 6 year from last action on case.

2. Nan Downing: Discussion on MFP (9:15)
a. Please email Nan with the dates she can come speak at your next group meeting. Please cc Anjail when sending this information.
3. Referrals for Services from Hospitals and Nursing Home
a. The Call Center taking referrals on persons in a nursing home
i. The second visit maybe counted as a reassessment if you have to go to the home to reassess the individual. This is only if you created a care plan and contacted a provider and the participant does not discharged for another 15 – 30 days. Another example
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Referrals to SIU : Joint Investigations 1703.30
a. SIU contact for marriage license
i. David is the contact person to look up this information.
II. Accessing Department of Health and Senior Services, Special Investigations Unit

The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) may assist APS staff in the investigation of reports of abuse, neglect, and exploitation by offering investigative assistance. This assistance may include, but is not limited to: consultation on the investigative procedure, determination of civil or criminal circumstances, and assistance with gathering of evidence, referral and joint investigation.
If it is determined that a report indicates an investigation will warrant consultation with or referral/joint investigation with SIU, the APCW shall contact the APCS regarding the type of assistance needed. Cases appropriate for consultation or referral for joint investigation shall include, but are not limited to:
Ÿ liaison with law enforcement where the investigation involves:
 high profile cases
 access to evidence or information is being denied
 allegations of homicide
 missing persons
 unsuccessful attempts in involving or contacting law enforcement
 multiple
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A copy of this form shall be scanned and uploaded into the Reported Adult’s (RA’s) electronic record in Case Compass. If the investigation involves more than one case, the form shall be uploaded into the most recent case. The APCW shall complete a Case Note in all cases involving the request to indicate into which case the SIU request was uploaded.
Your referral should state if a crime was committed, what road blocks your encounter and what do you need SIU to assist you in the investigation.
If your case is accepted by SIU the worker will need to enter the appropriate Disposition Code, “SIU Involved”, and shall leave the case in open status while SIU continues the investigation.

9. APCW stationed at the St. Louis County Police Department

10. Personnel/Hiring
a. Attachments on OHR personnel action letters (i.e., UC, suspension, dismissals)
i. When presenting these types of letters, OHR will ensure that all attachments are included so you can present them to the worker.
b. Performance Objectives for 2017
i. Will be setting up a meeting to discuss changes with
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