Cliches Overdone Research Paper

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Clichés are sometimes overdone. They are phrases that had an important meaning at one time. They generally are not effective and should be avoided. Example of clichés would be “The grass is always greener on the other side.” ( This can be a barrier when it underserves the importance of a message being conveyed.


Jargon is generally found in a work atmosphere. It can ruin the message to the receiver, if the receiver is not familiar with the speaker’s work practice. An example of this would be police officers and fire fighters who use “10-Codes.” The ten codes do not match between police and fire. 10-8 means “In Service.” In service for a police officer generally means that they
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This type of language is generally seen in a negative light by today’s modern society. It should be avoided at all costs. An example of this type of language would be highlighting a negative phrase that is based on gender, orientation, religion, or ethnicity.


Euphemisms are created to avoid sexist and racist language or to soften an expression. When applied in the form of avoiding sexism and racism, It can still be demeaning and should be avoided. It has no time or place for the work environment. The person saying it, is trying to avoid the more sinister aspect of this type of language. When trying to soften the tone of an expression, it can be used to politely describe the passing of a loved one. An example of this would be saying that someone passed away vs died.


Doublespeak is commonly found in politicians and attorneys. It is an attempt to mislead the receiver by saying one thing but really meaning another. It can also be used as a way to not be fully honest. This is generally seen as hiding or misconstruing the facts of what is really happening. An example of this would be when a politician says that they will not support and new tax increases and then raise small fees for waste and water. They can walk away with a clean conscious and say that they voted for a tax
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