Click Fraud and Ad Essay

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1.) An API user is given an account but is not able to view that account through the interface. The reason being:
c. API user has “API Only” access
2.) API allows developers to use applications that:
d. Interact directly with the AdWords server
3.) Bud would like to test new logic that uses API without modifying his live campaigns. Which tools would allow him to do this?
b. AdWords API Sandbox
4.) Which of the following allows advertisers to automate AdWords reporting and campaign management?
a. Use of an API web service
5.) What is the benefit of the API?
a. Advertisers can make dynamic changes to their AdWords accounts at scale.
6.) If someone wants to make frequent, specific changes to bids based on criteria
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16.) You make edits to an ad and the position decreases. What was the cause?
d. The edited version is less relevant to the keywords within the ad group.
17.) You have the same keyword in two different ad groups. The one to win within an auction will be the one with:
b. The best quality score
18.) To improve the performance of an ad group on a search network, advertisers should create ad groups by creating:
b. Keywords that are also included in the ad text
19.) In an AdWords account, which statistic is viewable for each ad group?
c. Average cost per click
20.) Which of the following is the recommended action for new mobile ad campaigns?
a. Use a mobile-optimized landing page
21.) An advertiser selling computer monitors is writing new ad text. Which line of ad text fits AdWords policy?
d. 20-70% off LCD monitors
22.) To achieve the best performance of text ads, which is a best practice?
c. Include words like find and search in the ad text
23.) What type of keywords tend to perform better with mobile ads?
d. Short general keywords
24.) A campaign that is targeting desktops is only performing well with text and image ads. The advertisers want to reach mobile devices. They should:
b. Create a separate ad group for mobile ads within the existing campaign.
25.) If the query “Seattle Plumbers” is entered, Google will use the location term that is part of the query to show ads:
a. Targeted to Seattle
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