Client And Agency Variables And Contest For Work

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1. Client and Agency Variables and Contest for Work a. What is the client’s demographic information? Sam Winchester is a 30-year-old, middle class, heterosexual, white male. He has his high school diploma, a four-year degree from SUNY Oneonta, and has a year and a half worth of law school from SUNY Albany. Mr. Winchester is not married and does not have any children. Sam is currently single and has no potential partners in his life. Mr. Winchester is also an atheist. He has decided to reach out for grief counseling on his own. Before coming into the agency Sam was living out of his car and traveling the country. During the counseling process he was living with a close family friend named Bobby Singer in Norwich, New York. Bobby currently owns a small farmhouse, in the middle of the woods. The nearest neighbor is a mile down the road. Sam refused to call Bobby’s house his home, and he still refers to himself as homeless. Sam has no living blood family members at this time that he is aware of. b. What are the agency’s mission and your role with the client in the agency? I work for a privately owned agency that was started by a close friend, Tiffany Carr. The agency’s name is Viviano-Carr Counseling Center. At the Viviano-Carr Counseling Center we feel it is our responsibility to engage in grief counseling and any problems that may arise as a result of said grief. Throughout our work with clients we utilize empowerment and strengths-based approaches to remind the client that

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