Client Attorney Privilege : The Code Of Silence

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Client attorney privilege is describes the code of silence that is a legally recognized right of the client to tell his attorney anything and the attorney will can not disclose this privileged communication.
However, in some cases it 's sad that you as the attorney have to refer to the code of silence in order not to be disbarred. I know I would want to give that mother of the five years boy some closure and stop the argany with the hopes that her five year old is still alive.
I also understand the reasoning behind not disclosing information about the child 's remains..
According Banks, 2013, because the boy is already dead and could not be help, however on the other hand if the lawyer had discovered the boy alive and wounded but still alive , the lawyer would have to say something to prevent any further harm to the child. Then this rule wouldn 't have apply. Morally it 's not a good feeling on he attorney part about knowing that a child life has been taken and the grieving mother still has hope that her child is still alive. More so the attorney knows the facts about the child death and has to hold to the code of silences. Another fact is client privilege is a right for the client not the attorney . This was put into place so a client can feel free to tell his attorney anything and it not be used against him or her in a court of law.
Pollack , 2010, states that many lawyers believed that loyalty to the client is paramount to their duties as a professional. This is

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