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Grant F1. Client Engagement- Describe how your organization solicits and utilizes feedback from clients/constituents. The East Los Angeles College Foundation solicits feedback from the various East Los Angeles College departments, social media platforms such as Facebook and Linkedin, and partnering events with in the surrounding East Los Angeles community. The foundation has utilizes the feedback it has received from the college, students, departments, and partners in establishing a variety of programs. Examples of the programs the ELAC Foundation is offering includes the Hilda Solis D.C. Gateway program and the East Los Angeles College Alumni Association as well as the future joint ventures in creating the East Los Angeles Market Place…show more content…
Los Angeles Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation Hosted at ELAC- The ELAC Foundation has utilize the feedback it has obtain from departments and students in establishing an incubator project in joint collaboration with OmniWorks. The project’s objective is to create of a scalable model of a state-of the-art entrepreneurship and innovation center, provide business/financial curriculum, mentorship, and access to capital to create pathways for students and community entrepreneurs to greater success high growth business sectors. The goal of this center is to position ELAC as a leader in entrepreneur and strong workforce initiatives, deepen college ties to businesses and the community, and increase potential for corporate sponsors, and enlist local business leaders to: serve as mentors, participate as guest speakers, create paid internships and help build supply chain diversity. The Marketplace The Marketplace at East Los Angeles College supported by students and the surrounding East Los Angeles servicing community alike. The ELAC Foundation partnership with North Star Alliances, a minority-owned small business will transform the college’s Stadium Lot into a world-class destination for shopping and community every Saturday. It will be a thriving community hub – a gathering area for artisanal and local merchants, a magnet for delicious locally produced food and organic, farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, an exhibition floor for ELAC programs and resources, a
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