Client : Henry Evans : History

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Client: Henry Evans
The client is a 12 year old single male who lives with his mother, father, and little sister. He is in the seventh grade with no behavioral problems on record. He has no documented history of medical issues. There has been no evidence of substance use and he currently has no criminal record. The client had a younger brother who died when he was an infant by drowning in the bathtub. The client’s mother and father are both college level educated and seemingly well adjusted, having no documented mental disorders, marital issues or criminal records. Upon interviewing the client’s mother, Susan Evans, she described her son as always being well mannered and polite. She explained that Henry has never had a problem getting along with other children and is quite popular at school. She continued on by stating that all of his teachers found him to be a star pupil, always staying on task and helping when they needed it. She explains however, that since his cousin, Mark, had come to stay with them while his father is out of the country, she had noticed a change in Henry’s disposition. She describes Henry’s demeanor as becoming darker and more fascinated with death, but attributed this change to the fact that Mark’s mother had recently passed away. She continued by stating that since the cousin’s arrival, Henry has started spending more time alone, almost like he is isolating himself from the world. She knows that her son is a good boy with an open heart, and…
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