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Client: Henry Evans History The client is a 12 year old single male who lives with his mother, father, and little sister. He is in the seventh grade with no behavioral problems on record. He has no documented history of medical issues. There has been no evidence of substance use and he currently has no criminal record. The client had a younger brother who died when he was an infant by drowning in the bathtub. The client’s mother and father are both college level educated and seemingly well adjusted, having no documented mental disorders, marital issues or criminal records. Upon interviewing the client’s mother, Susan Evans, she described her son as always being well mannered and polite. She explained that Henry has never had a problem…show more content…
Presenting Problem The client’s younger sister recently had an accident where she almost fell through thin ice while skating with her brother and cousin. She told her parents that Henry pushed her towards the thin ice and was laughing as the ice began to crack. As the parents questioned their son about the incident, Mark, came forward and explained that Henry had been doing things that he should not be doing. Mark accused Henry of torturing and killing a neighborhood dog, throwing a stuffed dummy off of an overpass and causing an accident, plotting to kill his younger sister, and had even threatened him if he told on Henry. The client’s mother at first did not believe that her son could at all be capable of such things and had dismissed the incidents as sibling rivalry. She then found Henry playing with a rubber duck toy that had been in the bathtub the night that his little brother Richard had drowned. The duck had gone missing not long after the police had answered the 911 call and the mother and father had figured that it had been taken by the police for the investigation. When she went to take the bath toy from her son, he began to fight her, hitting and yelling that it was his toy and had been his before it was Richard’s. After hitting his mother repeatedly, Henry then proceeded to take the duck toy, run to the cemetery up the road, where he tossed the bath toy down a well. When Henry returned home he acted
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