Client Introduction : Rosa Gonzalez

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Client Introduction Rosa Gonzalez is a 28 year old, Latino woman, who was raised in Tempe, Arizona. She came from a low socio-economic status family. Rosa’s records indicate that her mother was in prison while she was pregnant with her, and her father was out of the picture. She was placed in several foster care homes until the age of four when her father came back into her life. It was around the same time that her mother was released from prison, and began a relationship with her dad. She grew up with one sister and two brothers. She depicted having been psychologically, emotionally, and physically abused by her father until the age of 16. She conveyed that her mother was neglectful, even though she knew about the abuse (R. Gonzalez, personal communication, July 23, 2014). She disclosed that one of the hardest times in her life was when she was in high school. She had no friends, no self-esteem, no mother or father who loved her, and no reason to live. Soon after, she became homeless and became involved in minor/major criminal activities. Some of these minor/major criminal activities included; drug dealing, prostitution, and shop lifting. She indicated that she has been diagnosed with Bipolar II Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Depression, and anxiety. She eluded to currently being in an abusive relationship (R. Gonzalez, personal communication, July 23, 2014). The purpose for this research paper is to integrate, connect, and exhibit how Contemporary Attachment

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