Client Is A 58 Year Old Caucasian Female

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Client is a 58 year-old Caucasian female who presents with difficulties due to relationship conflict. Client has recently broken up with her boyfriend of 8 years. Her boyfriend broke up with her by informing her that he was going on a date with another woman. Shortly after this first date, the woman began spending the night with him. The client knows this because she lives 3 houses down the block from her ex-boyfriend. The proximity of their living is creating an additional complication for the client in terms of moving on from the breakup. Client sees her ex-boyfriend on a daily basis, which is a painful reminder of the unwanted, hurtful break-up. She is often unable to resist initiating contact with him which complicates the situation. Client misses the small daily interactions they once shared and finds herself trapped “in a loop in her head” thinking about him. Client describes organizing a sleeping area in her attic where she is able to spend time without being hyper-aware of her ex-boyfriend’s activities. Otherwise, client attempts to spend as much time as possible at work to avoid her home. The new girlfriend spends a significant amount of time at the ex-boyfriend’s house which reminds the client of how she has been replaced and reinforces her sense of isolation.
When the client first learned of the new woman, she took her ex-boyfriend’s cell phone from his car and searched his call, texts, and photos. Finding upsetting material therein, she smashed his cell phone.…
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