Client Meeting Summary

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On 12/22/2015, CM normally meets with the client every Wednesday but client walking in the social services office stating tomorrow she will not be available to meet for face to face meeting because she will be going apartment hunting. CM completed Bi-Weekly ILP Review and provided client with a list of broker name and telephone numbers. In the meeting client was dressed appropriately for weather. She appears cooperative and friendly. SOCIAL SUPPORT UPDATE: client reported she does have family members residing here in NYC, due to limited space she cannot reside with them. She also states her family is actively helping her search for apartments in the Bronx. She also mentioned that onsite staff is only selecting certain people to go on housing tour. She continues to report at this point she doesn’t mind accepting an apartment on the 3rd floor. EMPLOYMENT UPDATE: Client is WECARE/FEDCAP exempt. RESOURCES UPDATE: .Client is receiving SSI $$733.00. MEDICAL UPDATE: Client continues to report arthritis in her left leg and hand, high blood pressure. She also reports she will need surgery but she is waiting to be housed. Client reported since…show more content…
She met with the on-site psychiatrist on 10/28/2015 and psychiatric evaluation was completed. Client was diagnosed with Axis 1: Learning Disability & F81.9 (Primary), Alcohol use Disorder, moderate, in early remission, dependence – F10.21, Major Depression, single episode, in complete remission; F 32.5 rule out vs. complicated grief in remission and Dysomnia; G47.9. CM tries to refer client to mental counseling and substance abuse program. Client declines referral. SUBSTANCE ABUSE UPDATE: Client has a history of alcohol abuse. Client reports she drinks one or two cans of beer once a week. intoxicated. Once again CM tries to refer the client to a substance abuse program. Client refuses
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