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Client paper Name of student Name of tutor Course Institution’s name Date Client paper Understanding the needs, concerns and the attitudes of the clients is important on the part of the client human services providers, since it will help them to provide quality services to the clients. Some social, cultural, and personal factors do affect the provision of services to the clients. For a client to gain quality and satisfaction on the goods that are being provided by the service provider, it is important for the provider to assess their needs and even know them before going to provide the services to them. This paper aims at looking at the range of problems that affect clients who consume human services, and…show more content…
For example, some people argue that by using a family planning method, the user will eventually become infertile. This is only a rumor and has not scientifically proven. Nonetheless, it prevents many people from receiving the service because of associating the rumor to family planning methods (Stan, 2011). Access, costs and availability are also factors that serve to render the provision of human services to be ineffective. A client may be very willing to utilize the service but they cannot asses the service. The best method in ensuring service delivery if effective is by making sure that all the prospective and targeted clients can access the service. The issue of distance affects many clients in receiving human service’s needs. The human service providers may determine the point of access and assume that it is favorable for all the clients. On the contrary, the point of access may be a long distance for some clients. Such clients will not be able to get the services. The other factor related with these is cost. Some human services are very costly to the clients. To get them, the clients have to dig deep into their pockets. In this note, inadequate finances on the side of the client prevent them from accessing the services. Clients have their personal choices and preferences when they are receiving services from the service providers. The care given will depend on whether the clients have

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