Client Scenario : Crime And Alcohol Counseling Essay

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Client Scenario In my client scenario, Anthony has come to drug and alcohol counseling as a result of a probation requirement. Anthony, a 31-year-old African American male, was arrested and charged with possession of cocaine with the intent to deliver. During his incarceration, he admitted to daily use of cocaine, as well as heavy drinking. As a result, Anthony participated in drug rehabilitation programs while incarcerated. Furthermore, upon his release, his probation officer ordered him to complete drug and alcohol counseling as a stipulation of probation. While Anthony doesn’t have an issue admitting to his daily drug use, he does not agree with the probation requirement of counseling or that his alcohol and drug use were a serious issue. Anthony sees his situation differently that other addicts or alcoholics, and even expresses uneasiness about his marginalized status and the lack of understanding surrounding the conditions that led up to his arrest. He has stated that he doesn’t have anything in common with most addicts and that he isn’t a “fiend.” Motivational Interviewing as an Informal Assessment Procedure In the past, as well as currently, I have worked with individuals who have been charged with drug dealing offenses, who have also developed a dependency issue. This specific group of individuals who demonstrate addictive behaviors can be incredibly different and challenging to work with. One of the assessment methods that I would use with this client in
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