Clients Rights and Counselors Responsibilities

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Clients Rights and Counselors Responsibilities Introduction It is important as future counselors to understand client's rights and responsibilities within treating clients fairly. Understanding the difference within the world we live in, can allow for treatment majors to be done more suitably; within the mental health profession. It should never become a plague to treat an individual who is from the LGBTQ community. The counseling profession attaches such importance to this principle that it is the very first ethical standard in the American Counseling Association's (ACA) Code of Ethics (2005) (pg 80) A.1a states that the primary responsibility of counselors is to respect the dignity and to promote the welfare of the clients.'' My view as a future Mental Health Therapist is to advocate for the LGBTQ communities. For more than 200 years, clinicians have recognized the existence of individuals who did not fit the established categories of mental disturbances by failing to show remorse or an understanding of the severity of their conditions (Cleckley, 1982). For the next two centuries, researchers would subsequently refine this nomenclature by including various types of antisocial and criminal behaviors that were characteristic of mentally disturbed individuals. Within this research there was not one mental health therapists that felt like the LGBTQ community was the reason for this disturb dance. The Relationship between gender based victimization and suicide
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