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Clif bar has a community volunteer project called Project 2080. The goal of the program is to commit at least 2,080 hours to community service each year. This appeals to the target market because we are caring and making the environment better, clearing miles of trails in a regional park, paint and help landscape a local public school, and weed, plant, and build structures for a large-scale community garden. When we open up our business in China we will also have the community service taking place there as well which would benefit China and their communities.

How the CSR event appeals to our target market:

Last year, china had an environmental crisis due to rapid growth of industrialization. This had become a serious threat to China as they had to use roughly 9% of its gross national income. The air
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This will show the people at the event that Clif bar is very helpful and it will help you during physical activities and sports. Before the bike ride, everyone bill be given a bar and the Clif bar team members will explain what they are, how healthy and organic they are. We will also have 50% off coupons on boxes of Clif Bar if anyone is interested in them after the event. By explaining the benefits of Clif bar such as organic ingredients, consumers will know there no added preservatives or any unnatural ingredients. They will also know the story behind Clif bar and how it has been made in a kitchen. This way consumers will be satisfied and consider the bar as most energy bars do not do this and are not 100% organic. We will reach the target market by having the relay bike race. The bike race will attract athletes, active individuals, consumers who work out. These are the consumers who would consume Clif bar for energy so we have our whole target market in the bike
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