Cliff-Personal Narrative

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The span between the surface of the water and the top of the cliff was three hundred feet high. The profile of sharks could just barely be seen circling in the murky brown water. My toes hung off of the side of the cliff loosening pebbles from their resting place and sending them plummeting to the shark infested cauldron. My swimsuit seeped frigid droplets of water down my legs. When my friends shouted up to me their voices became whispers barely audible as the wind screamed across my ears. I felt as if I was about to collapse from anxiety.
“Hey, man don’t worry, I got your back,” my friend, Taylor, remarked with a smirk, “ I’ve done this like a ka-billion times”.
“It’s so high though and I swear to the Lord up above that there are sharks under the surface,” I nervously replied.
“Dude it’s only
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Taylor had suspiciously moved behind me, as I knew he would, and grabbed the back of my life jacket. He kept on telling me that he had my back; however, I still felt uneasy having my life in the hands of my friend. The surface of the water seemed to be getting further and further away from me as once again the twenty-foot cliff stretched out into three hundred and the sharks returned from the deep.
The last thing I expected at that moment was Taylor to tell me, “Alright fine you don’t have to do it today, we can come back tomorrow. However, you see that hot girl in the bikini over there.” Taylor pointed out across the water at a pontoon that I hadn’t even noticed had been sitting there. “That girl is dying to see you jump off of this cliff”.
The girl’s hair was a dark brown that flowed like silk over her body. She was wearing a white shirt, thin enough to notice she was wearing a neon yellow bikini. At that moment, my eighth-grade testosterone took over my body, however the ensuing moment I was running down the side of the cliff.
Taylor yelled down from atop the cliff, “You wuss I knew you couldn’t do
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