Clifford Olson: Canadian Serial Killer Essay

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Clifford Olson: Canadian Serial Killer

Clifford Olson is one of Canada's well known serial killers. He showed no sign of sympathy for the public all throughout his life and would eventually end up killing many innocent people and spending a good portion of his life in jail.

Clifford Olson was born on January 1st 1940, in Vancouver, British Columbia. While he was growing up he was always in trouble. Even as a child in school her was referred to as a bully and not a nice kid. Then as he grew up things didn't change for the better the just got worse. As a teenager and young adult Olson found himself in trouble with the law quite frequently. From the year of 1951 to 1981 ( ages 17-21) he had 94 arrests. He was put in jail for some of
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This time the victim was 13 year old Colleen Daignault. Like Christine she also lived in Surrey .

Sixteen year old Darren Joshrud disappeared from the mall In Vancouver within the same as Colleen went missing. He was found On May the 2nd, 1981. He had been killed by severe blows to the head which had shattered his skull.

Two weeks after Darren's body was found, Clifford Olson got married. HE married the mother of his son and the woman he had been living with since he got out of jail. But again, this didn't change the nature of Clifford Olson.

Four days after his marriage, Sandra Wolfsteiner became Olson's next victim. She was 16 years old and had been hitchhiking in Langley when she went missing and was eventually killed.

When she didn't show up at home from a baby-sitting job on June 21st 1981 Ada Court was reported missing to the police by her parents. She was 13 years old when she fell victim to Clifford Olson.

A little over a month after Ada was reported missing the body of Judy Kozma was found mutilated in Lake Weaver, near Agassiz, in Fraser Valley. Judy had gone missing 16 days earlier on July 9th.

On July the 15th the police in British Columbia held a Law Enforcement Conference. At this conference it was discussed that Olson may be responsible for the murders of all the above children. Since he was suspected the police placed Olson under their watch, in hope of preventing more murders on innocent people. However
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