Climate Action Plan For The Uk Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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B.C. Climate Action Plan

The B.C. Climate Action Plan is a comprehensive strategy implemented by the Canadian government with the objective to diminish provincial greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). In 2007, a Throne Speech was given remarking that climate leadership in B.C was illusory and commitment to climate leadership was an imperative component in the future of the province. As such, in 2008, the Climate Action Plan was released with the intent to serve as a guide in helping British Columbia attain a prosperous, green economy. Within the Action Plan, initiatives and approaches are outlined to make B.C carbon neutral by 2010 and move the province closer towards reducing GHG emissions to the target 33 percent in 2020. By 2050, the Action Plan aims to reduce B.C emissions by 80 percent.
The B.C. Climate Action Charter is the central catalyst behind the implementation of the B.C Climate Action Plan. In an endeavour to secure a more sustainable future, the Charter commits local governments to decrease their carbon footprint by compelling them to report their greenhouse gas emissions profile. With 188 municipalities in B.C, 180 signed the Charter.
The legislation associated with the Charter requires all local governments in B.C to set GHG reduction targets at both regional and municipal levels. These greenhouse gas reduction targets have been entrenched into law. In this regard, the B.C Climate Action Plan is a pertinent guide in assisting B.C to meet its…
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