Climate Change : A Global Issue

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CBA Climate Change Cody McLain 1/31/17 While debate rages on regarding responsibility for past greenhouse gas emissions and how to reduce the man-made sources of those gases, the world is actually already committed to adapting to the climate changes that will continue to develop as a result of past emissions. The need to adapt is urgent. Although climate change is a global issue, it shows itself differently at the regional and local levels. Climate chage is already having concerning, and indeed worsening, effects on communities. This developing world will bear the heaviest burden of climate change, despite having contributed least to the greenhouse gas emissions responsible for climate change, and women are particularly affected.…show more content…
Heat takes a lot more energy to reduce the temperature while the cold is easier to adjust to. Another collateral affect the climate change would have is poor air quality. With pollution from power and emissions from cars and power plants causes things like smog and bad air for us to breath in our atmosphere. Warmer temperatures and higher concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere stimulate some plants to grow faster, mature earlier, or produce more potent allergens. Allergy-related diseases are among the most common and chronic illnesses that can lead to lower productivity. Young children, the elderly, and those who are already ill are less able to withstand high temperatures and poor air quality. Temperature extremes and smog hit people with heart and respiratory diseases, including asthma, particularly hard. “Climate change has a variety of reasons why the earth is absorbing so much heat one of those reasons are from when sunlight reaches Earth’s surface, it can either be reflected back into space or absorbed by Earth. “Once absorbed, the planet releases some of the energy back into the atmosphere as heat (also called infrared radiation). Greenhouse gases like water vapor (H2O), carbon dioxide (CO2), and methane (CH4) absorb energy, slowing or preventing the loss of heat to space. In this way, GHGs act like a blanket, making

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