Climate Change : A Global Threat For The Population

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Climate change is viewed as new global threat for the population all around the world. Climate change can be define as “Disturbance in environment and climate patterns with respect to increased level of atmospheric carbon dioxide, methane and nitrogen ratio”. Climate change is now tagged as critical security problem for present and upcoming generations with the passage of time. It is now predicted that these climate changes will increase the risk of violent conflict. Climate change is not only affecting the quality of life, but it is also causing limited access to natural resources that are essential in sustaining human life. It is also restricting access to opportunities and services that are helping people to retain standard quality living conditions. Disturbance in ecological and social system is a threat to living lives that have greater dependency on natural resources. These negative changes are dangerous and sudden transitions are threatening basic relationship between human security and social system. Every human being is not equally susceptible for climate change problems. The people who are less dependent on social forms and economic benefits of the capital are likely to be influenced by the change more drastically. On the other hand, the extent of dependency on natural resources and ecosystem makes people more sensitive of climate change. The less dependency can make people less effective of the risks (S. Bachu, 12 May 2003). In other words, the extent to which
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