Climate Change : A New Realm Of Self Empowerment And Self Determination

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Intro Climate change affects everyone. For Arctic communities, the unpredictable nature of these changes is having a profound impact on their environment and livelihood. Inhabitants need to adapt to a rapidly changing landscape, one in which the people 's rich knowledge of the seasons can no longer be relied upon. Increasingly less isolated from the contemporary world, Arctic residents have become empowered to address these challenges. Responding by bringing in new measures for sustainability, they are creating opportunities that take advantage of their communities’ strengths and interests. Each region faces a different environment, bringing with it unique challenges. Argument 1: Weather Arctic indigenous peoples have entered into a new…show more content…
In Canada, multiple northern communities have experienced freshwater shortages when the spring thaw arrived late. With the arctic having an irregular melting of the ice, the wind patterns will be disrupted. This will result in random weather patterns around the globe. To further the negative impact of the weather in the north, with the changing environment, traditional knowledge is no longer as relevant as it used to be. Changing weather, seasonality, and species migration patterns disorient hunters and trappers who are used to relying on their knowledge and wisdom which was passed down through generations. In places where sea and land ice is weaker, options to hunt and travel are limited. Argument 2: Food
These changes critically affect a hunters ability to provide food for their family, creating a feeling of being vulnerable within one’s own community and on one’s own land. In Nunavut, it is more difficult to hunt because now, people have to start travelling long distances from their communities to even find animals to hunt. Because of this, the people have had to start adapting to the conditions by changing their eating habits. Store-bought groceries have to be shipped in, and in Nunavut with no roads, products are flown in, which raises the price of food. With the availability of hunting decreasing, Inuit have to buy their own food, from stores. Shipping costs are huge because there aren 't any roads
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