Climate Change Affects People And The Atmosphere Every Day

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As people live their lives every day, climate change is currently happening. Climate change is the shifting of normal weather patterns, which can cause the environment to become unbalanced. The greenhouse effect plays a major role in climate change, and it consists of four types of gases: carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and flourished gases. These greenhouse gases help trap heat on Earth, but yet the carbon dioxide levels are increasing, and this can damage the cycle of the greenhouse effect. Climate change affects people and the atmosphere every day. Many people do not realize that current climate change can cause huge problems in the future; people need to find solutions in order to get climate change under control. Climate change is a major issue in the world. As the population increases, more resources are required to supply basic human needs. The resources such as oil, coal, and natural gas are essential in human lives. An excessive amount of these resources in the atmosphere can cause the ozone to become compacted with C2O. These resources are called fossil fuels and burning them will trap more heat in the greenhouse effect; wildfires and volcanic eruptions can also cause more C2O in the atmosphere (Weeks). The ozone currently has more carbon dioxide than it did three million years ago. It will take two decades to replace the carbon and fifty years for the weather to adapt back to its normal state. The arctic regions of the world are melting. This can be
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