Climate Change And Global Change

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"It is urgent and the time frame is critical and it has to be right now," said Vicki Arroyo, executive director of the Georgetown Climate Center at Georgetown Law. "We can 't lose another four years, much less eight years" (Neuhauser). The next Americans President, experts say, may be the very last who can avert catastrophe from climate change which makes it very important for the next American President to give climate change the top most priority. This requires the Presidential candidates to believe in the danger posed by climate change. In addition to this, it also requires the Republicans and Democrats to come to a consensus so that they can cooperate with the next U.S. President in his efforts to curb climate change. While all Democrats support the efforts being taken to solve the issue of climate change, in a recent poll it was found that 59% of Republicans believe in climate change (Davenport). Although a majority of Republicans are convinced that the issue of climate change should be given top priority, there are still a few (including presidential candidates) that maintain that the issue of climate change isn’t that severe to be given top priority. Now that the urgency of climate change has been established numerous times by various scientists, how can we get the Republican party members and its presidential candidates to change their views regarding climate change and come to a consensus with Democratic candidates, so that both the parties can work together?
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