Climate Change And Global Warming

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Climate change is a self-contradictory subject and has affected areas worldwide, plants, animals, the environment, habitats, etc. in a variety of ways. One of the main environmental changes faced today are climate changes caused by humans. There was a statement on climate change from 18 scientific associations which stated, “Observations throughout the world make it clear that climate change is occurring, and rigorous scientific research demonstrates that the greenhouse gases emitted by human activities are the primary driver"(Scientific consensus: Earth’s climate is warming,” 2017). The government and the public responses to this issue have been really weak. There are programs and businesses that understand and know that climate change…show more content…
Climate change can affect our society in so many ways including cultural, social, and natural resources. Climate change can affect the health of humans, transportation systems, infrastructure, food, water supplies, and energy. There are different groups of people around the world that will face greater challenges because of the climate change. Climate change can have a great impact on people who live in areas that can get affected by any natural disaster like droughts, coastal storms like tornadoes and hurricanes. People who are in poverty, communities that consist of immigrants, and elderly people can also be really affected by climate change. People’s jobs can be threatened by climate change. For people who are employed with outdoor professions dealing with agriculture, plants, tourism, etc. can be affected by climate change. There was a Ted Talk by Alex Steffen. He talks about what is causing climate change. He believes that tailpipes from our emissions and smokestacks are the cause and believes that people should eliminate them. He states that the problem is that they 're coming out of the fossil fuels that humans are burning, so the answer would be to replace the fossil fuel with clean sources of energy. He comes up with different ideas and solutions of why we are not able to build enough clean energy and states how people can save energy by not driving from place to place and riding bikes instead. He thinks instead of using heaters and coolers,

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