Climate Change And Global Warming

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Climate Change: It’s in Our Hands

Climate change; the two words that have sparked controversy across the media in recent decades, has been highlighted as one of the greatest environmental threat to humanity in the latest report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). With the current warming of the climate considered as “unequivocal”, the report has brought back the issue of climate change and global warming to the forefront of public and political debate, asking the question: is climate change real and should we really care?
The scientific evidence supporting the rapid change in the climate is substantial and compelling. Technological advances, particularly with satellites, have enabled scientists to begin to understand and track the full extent of the changes. One of the greatest and widely used pieces of evidence is the global temperature rise. There has been a documented rise in temperatures since 1880, with the largest increases occurring since the 1970s. This coincides with the beginning of the industrialisation in more developed countries, including the UK.
However, global temperatures aren’t the only indicators of global warming. One that poses a great risk to southern areas of the UK, is the rise in sea levels. A rise of 17cm in the last century has been recorded, with more rapid rises predicted. This is in part due to the shrinking of ice sheets and the decline of Arctic sea ice. Greenland has suffered the most, with a loss of 150-250 km3 ice
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