Climate Change And Global Warming Essay

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Abstract Purpose of this research is to discuss the problem of climate change and highlight the importance of sustainable development of resources to reduce or eliminate global warming. This paper also introduces the Paris Agreement to its readers and the research is questioned by asking: What if countries don’t sign Paris Agreement? The information used in this research paper is obtained from the official United Nations website which is the primary source of information for this paper as well as the secondary sources like Reuters and NASA along with scholarly sources like ProQuest. This paper refers to previous studies and discusses the effects of climate change and global warming domestically as well as globally on a country. In this research, the significance of the Paris Agreement as a driving force in reducing activities responsible for climate change and lowering percentage of global warming will be highlighted. Referring to the analytical and statistical information provided by NASA, the paper is designed to persuade the readers that the information is credible and accurate. The conclusion of the research paper covers the part stating the effects of climate change on our environment which is why appropriate measures must be taken to reduce climate change rates. This paper argues the need to maintain the sustainability of the resources to reduce global warming. The paper also highlights how the countries have compromised and ratified the Paris Agreement and signed it.

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