Climate Change And Global Warming Essay

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Climate Change: A New Subject in School?

Carmela Roque
US Government period 3
Mr. Wootten
Mercy High School Burlingame September 29, 2016

The Earth has always been undergoing climate change. Extreme weather, natural disasters, and global warming are a few examples of current climate changes. To help prevent this, the Climate Change Education act was introduced by Ed Markey, a democrat from Massachusetts. The main goal of this act was to educate the citizens about the causes of climate change, solutions to it, and small adjustments in their own lives to help prevent it. While there are people who totally support this, there are others who do not. The Climate Change Education act can be seen as helpful because it can protect the Earth and its inhabitants, yet it can be unnecessary because it will not contribute to our society.
People believe that this law should be passed for a few different reasons. The first being that it will help prevent global warming. Global warming is the heating of the Earth’s atmosphere which can be very harmful to the environment and the inhabitants. One way the Earth is put at risk due to global warming is the effect of the rise in sea levels. In the last century, the sea level rose about seventeen centimeters (Shaftel, 2016). This rise of sea levels, caused by the melting of polar ice caps due to the extra heat, can cause stronger storms, additional rainfall, and flooding. As people learn more about these

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