Climate Change And Green House Gases

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Earth today is different from what it was before urbanization and industrialization. We have more and more environmental issues are coming from every corner. Humans are no longer living in a world where the environment is stable, but rather becoming unnatural and failing before our eyes. Environmental issues like global worming, climate change and green house gases are becoming more popular. Global worming or green house gases are happening because of issues like over use of fossil fuels - natural gas in producing of electricity. Natural gas is one of the big contributors in this process. Everyone seem to be in favor of natural gas because it is cheap to produce and pollute less, but disregard that it also create the gases and pollute environment, which is not good for health. Natural gas can be good source of energy but it’s hyped up as the best.
Whenever people think about natural gas, everyone assume that it is better, environment friendly option but disregard other side of the problem. Gas companies specially like to “frame” their augments and hides not so friendly parts so they wont appear evil in public eyes. Framing is a “way of simplifying a complex reality; it involves framing information to draw attention to some elements of a problem while obscuring or minimizing others “(Layzer p. 5). The goal of framing is to let the competition “provide the authoritative explanation for a problem and ability to define policy options and offers standards for decision. Framing…
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